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Durabrand TV codes for Universal Remote and its Program

In order to handle durabrand TV, we can see that people are looking for the universal remote codes. Well, with the support of universal remote, it is possible for you to take care of any branded TVs. All you need to keep it in mind is that the usage of codes will be helpful for the remote to stay connected with the respective devices. If you are looking for Durabrand TV codes, then the below discussion will be helpful and move ahead.

Durabrand TV remote codes

When it comes to universal codes, you can find in huge numbers across the internet, but not all of them are effective. For information, when you are planning to search for the working codes, then this could be the best platform that you can make use of it. Also, the codes are getting updated regularly for sure.

List of Durabrand TV codes

In case, if you feeling that the codes are not working, then you don’t need to be worried about it. Yes, all you need to search for the right and suitable codes. Until the codes are working, you can go ahead with the below mentioned steps without ignoring. For more details, here we are sharing the list of codes to check out.

The codes are come up from 3 digit to 5 digit. As per your wish and convenience, you can go ahead and make use of it with no hassles.

3 digits Durabrand TV Codes

566, 682, 718, 056, 632, 623, 695, 627, 733, 843, 569, 527, 529, 726, 220, 846, 564, 720, 221, 533, 834, 541, 841, 559, 587, 694, 233

For Directv Remote



4 Digit Durabrand TV Codes

1135, 0371, 0861, 0921, 0037, 0556, 1652, 1037, 0714, 0178, 1437, 1779, 0171, 1665, 0189, 0135, 0153, 0217, 0141, 0463, 0180, 1034, 0157, 1381, 1044, 1334, 1337,  0520, 0115, 0916, 1483, 1484, 2271, 2291, 5121, 1035, 1041,1506, 0133, 0254, 0458, 1004, 1353, 1380, 1259, 1481, 1038, 0323, 0317, 1115, 5002, 5006, 5038, 5041, 5055, 5120, 5253, 5262, 5290, 5307, 5370, 1153, 1167, 1207

5 Digit Durabrand TV Codes

13811, 12726, 12922, 11258, 12258, 10463, 10171, 11570, 10178, 10003, 11463, 11595, 11665, 10180, 11034, 13700, 14760, 19209, 18601Guide for programming

Well, with the support of above mentioned codes, you can able to connect the remote with durabrand tv. Here, we are also sharing the different methods to program TV remote further.


With the support of keycode, one can easily program universal remote. This is the main reason that people are moving towards this process.

  • At first, you need to turn ON the device.
  • Now, it is important to tap on TV option of your remote.
  • After that, go ahead to hold the setup button, but it should go until the light blinks.
  • You need to enter the keycode where you got from the programming guide.
  • If the procedure is followed, you need to face your remote towards the TV and make sure to tap and hold the respective power button.
  • After that, go ahead to release the power button if the TV turned OFF.

Program using Univeral remote code:

In case, if you are the one who do not find the key code which will work for the device, then you can go ahead with look mode. Yes, it is a manual which makes the remote to search mode further.

  • Firstly, make sure to turn ON the device.
  • Now, you need to tap and hold the respective setup button.
  • Make sure to enter the three digit code.
  • After that, you need to hold down the power button available on the remote and go ahead to tap the channel up until the device Turns OFF.

Manual setup:

  • All you need to face the remote control towards the universal remote that you want to replace.
  • After that, make sure to tap the setup button and enter code when it comes to manual programming.
  • It is the right time for you to press any function which you need to program.
  • Now, you need to press and hold the respective key which is available on the “Original remote controller”.
  • You can see that the light will start to blink, this indicates that saved it correctly.
  • At last, TV volume up button is saved to the remote and go ahead to use the quantity button further.

These are the main methods that you can go ahead to use and program. With the support of this process, you can make sure to operate any of the TV programs that you would like check out.

Final words

In the end, people who would like to use universal remote with Durabrand TV codes can check out the above mentioned methods. Yes, the methods are going to be supportive all the way. According to your wish and convenience, you can go ahead and make use of it for sure.

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Remote codes

GPX TV Remote Code and its Programming Instructions

The gpx tv is a special television brand among the world. It is a must to know the tv remote code for programming instructions. This article will provide you with all the gpx tv remote code and instructions needed to program your gpx universal remote. GPX is a television brand sold in Canada. It is most often found at Sears, Best Buy, and Home Depot stores among others. GPX televisions are top tier televisions.

But their gpx tv remote code can often be hard to program for people not familiar with them. It has an amazing design with a large screen and lots of special functions. Unfortunately, these functions may be unavailable in some areas or settings. If you’re like me, you find it frustrating not to know the correct codes to make the TV behave properly again. Fortunately, there is a youtube video that will give you access to the correct codes.

gpx tv remote codes

Universal Remote Codes For GPX TV, One For All

  • 000
  • 546
  • 3980
  • 3977
  • 13977
  • 13980

GPX Remote Control Codes with 5 Digits

  • 10360
  • 17048
  • 12784
  • 13196
  • 13977
  • 13980
  • 10179
  • 12693
  • 13402

GPX Universal Remote Control Codes with 4 Digits

  • 0096
  • 4701
  • 3980
  • 3977
  • 0944
  • 1320
  • 4586
  • 5040

GPX Remote Control Codes with 3 Digits

  • 000
  • 179
  • 521
  • 749
  • 722
  • 546
  • 532

How to access the remote control menu on your TV?

Step 1: Press and hold the remote control’s MUTE and DISPLAY buttons until the remote flashes a message.

Step 2: The first number is the button that you’ll press to access a setting. For example, if the message flashes “003”, you’ll press “3” to access a setting.

Step 3: Press each button once for your desired setting and then press ENTER to save your selection. In this example, after you select “3” from Step 2 above, you’d press 003, 007, 010, 080, and 050 one time each from left to right to get all of them set. When complete, press ENTER again.

Step 4: When you’re finished, press and hold MUTE and DISPLAY until the remote flashes the sequence, “BLINK” then release.

Now you can use the gpx tv remote code to access the television settings menu. GPX TV Universal Remote Codes with Programming Instructions, Authorised Dealer reconditioning service. We offer all types of repairs and TV calibration, repair manual, and remote control programming services for all major brand televisions, including zenith, DirectTV, Sony Bravia, Toshiba tv’s ect. in addition we also carry a large inventory of replacement remote controls and batteries for all major brands at discount pricing.

Steps to Program GPX TV’s Universal Remote Control

Step 1: Enter the code 000 into the remote. Then press POWER and all SELECTOR buttons simultaneously. The remote will flash 003.

Step 2: Press the number you want to change on TV – 03,07,09,11,12 (03,07,09,11 is usually how you pick it up from your TV). The remote will flash the new number.

Step 3: Press each button once for your desired setting. For example, if you want to change the volume level on your TV, and “07” flashed, then press VOL and choose volume from the menu. The remote will flash once for each change you make on the TV.

Step 4: When you’re finished changing settings, press 003 (from Step1) and 050 simultaneously to exit programming mode.

Note: Please note that to use your gpx tv remote code control with a television is each product’s user manual. We recommend that you read the manual before performing any programming. It will show you how to make the necessary adjustments for your specific makes and model.

Unlock the Remote Control Codes for an Old GPX Television

GPX remote controls are universal remotes. They use a lot of the same functions and buttons that are common to many different brands. This makes it easy to use with any brand of TV. The  control for an old GPX TV is typically coded by the manufacturer so that only its internal gpx tv remote code is shown. It may be necessary to unlock the codes before you can get them to work with a new TV.

In order to unlock the codes on this television, it must have been made at least five years ago. You will need a universal remote control with programming instructions to help you do this. Instructions are available at radio shack or online through google. However, the TV may be harder to program if you don’t know the manufacturer code for your TV.