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Explain about the universal remote for philips dvd player

You most likely already have the relevant universal remote for philips dvd player if you possess a Philips television. For your sound system, DVD or Blu-ray player, STB (Cable, Sat, Freeview), game consoles, or streaming devices, this does not imply that you do not have a second remote control. Simply put, you have an excessive number of remote controls.

At One For All, we are aware of how bothersome having an excessive number of remote controls can be. It is typical to become confused between several remote controls and not know which one operates which equipment. And what happens if you misplace one of them? You may put an end to this difficulty by owning a universal remote control for your Philips electronics.

How to get the universal remote for philips dvd player?

Additionally, having a universal Philips TV remote puts you one step closer to establishing the ideal viewing environment. You may locate a universal remote for your Philips electronic products by taking a look at the universal remotes available. You can link up to eight different gadgets in your house to one of our universal remote codes. This implies that you may operate a variety of devices, including your Philips TV, home theater system, streaming services like Apple TV, Free view/Sat/Cable, DVD and Blu-ray players, and much more, with just one remote control.

The picker will then present you with the remote that is most appropriate after you have checked all of the devices you want to connect to the remote. The ability to do the same tasks as the original remote control makes universal remote for philips dvd player devices the best feature. As a result, you may operate your Philips television with the One For All remote.

Philips DVD Player Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes List: 22434, 21506, 21276, 22084, 20503, 20646, 21340, 21354, 22506, 20675, 21158

Philips DVD Player Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List: 0885, 2033, 0503, 2318, 2404, 2051, 2109, 2091, 2033, 1911, 1914, 0646, 2302, 2318, 2243

The installation process of universal remote for philips dvd player

The Philips universal remotes include some additional special characteristics in addition to carrying out the same tasks as the original remote controls. Our universal remotes are distinguished from other remote controls on the market thanks to some of these qualities. Their “Activity Keys,” “Learning Function,” and “Macro” are some of these characteristics. In addition to the features described below, our Philips TV remotes have additional special features.

The “Find Beep” and “Combi Control” features, among other unique qualities, are highlighted in our most recent blog article.¬† It developed “SimpleSet” in order to make installing the universal remote for philips dvd player as simple as possible. One other distinctive feature that sets our universal remotes apart is “SimpleSet.” You may quickly and easily install your Philips TV remote with the help of this feature. It can program your remote to operate all of your AV equipment in just a few easy steps (as long as they are originally controlled by a remote control).

You may link your Philips TV remote to up to eight additional electronic devices in just three steps if you opt to install the universal remote utilizing the “SimpleSet” feature. You can begin the first phase of the installation process after you are aware of which product codes to use for each device. If you are unsure of which product codes to input or are unable to locate any product codes,

How to software Universal Remote Control to PHILIPS DVD Player

  • Activate your PHILIPS DVD player. Verify that the DTA is turned on and that it is set up properly.
  • Hold your standard DVD away from the device you wish to program while facing it.
  • Locate the ‘PROG’ option on your standard remote. Hold onto the button until the tiny LED light in the distance illuminates.
  • Select “INFO” from the menu. The little LED light will continue to blink if you follow the first three steps correctly.
  • Find the appropriate code below that relates to your device, and then type it in. As soon as you enter the correct code, “Success” will appear on your DVD.
  • Any feature key on your remote control should be pressed. If it works, you were given the instructions correctly. Try again and try another code if the first one doesn’t work.


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