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How to program haier universal remote codes?

One of the well-known television brands on the market is Haier. A Haier TV typically has a remote control. However, you can program the TV using a universal remote if for some reason you lose your Haier TV remote or it becomes damaged.  Here we can see the details of the haier universal remote codes. Before you can use the code, you must understand how to set up your universal remote control to function with your Haier TV. The instructions for setting up a Haier TV with a universal remote control are provided below as well. Visit, universalremotecodesinfo, to know more informations. 

 haier universal remote codes.

Details about the haier universal remote codes.

Some people view entertainment as crucial because it allows them to unwind after a hard day of work. So, The fact that individuals constantly have to guess and figure out which of the many remote controls is the right one to activate the equipment or device, however, is what plagues and stresses out people the most. This doesn’t sound like much fun.

This post lists the codes if you recently purchased a universal remote and need them for your Haier TV. The list below includes several universal remote control codes for Haier. But For each device, we gave more than one code. So kindly try another code if one of the codes doesn’t work. One of the well-known television brands on the market is Haier. A Haier TV typically has a remote control. However, you can program the TV using a universal remote if for some reason you lose your Haier TV remote or it becomes damaged.

4 Digit Codes for Haier Universal Remote

  • 0216
  • 0094
  • 0157
  • 0081
  • 0217
  • 0810
  • 0123

One-For-All Universal TV Remote Codes for Haier


  • 0081
  • 0216
  • 0217
  • 0157

RCA UNiversal TV Remote Codes for Haier

  • 13204
  • 11570
  • 14398
  • 11753
  • 12309
  • 13382
  • 12293
  • 11748
  • 11749
  • 2293
  • 4398
  • 1570
  • 2309
  • 1034
  • 1748
  • 1749
  • 3382

Philips Universal TV Remote Codes for Haier

  • 0323
  • 0317
  • 0709
  • 0223

GE Universal TV Remote Codes for Haier

  • 081
  • 216
  • 217
  • 0081
  • 0216
  • 0217
  • 0157
  • 1147
  • 0935
  • 5078
  • 5120
  • 5139
  • 5307
  • 5380
  • 5409
  • 5432
  • 0671
  • 0861
  • 5321
  • 0921
  • 1741
  • 2141
  • 1161
  • 3831
  • 6141
  • 6151
  • 4851

The Steps to Program Haier TV to Universal Remote Control

You can browse this guide, which will also serve as your future reference, for a full step-by-step procedure of haier universal remote codes.

  • First, turn on the TV you wish to program.
  • Face your TV or other device while holding your Haier universal TV remote.
  • On your universal remote, locate the “TV” button. Continue pressing the “Setup” button. It will switch to learning mode via remote control.
  •  Use the list of codes above to find the codes that are compatible with the brand of your device.
  • If the procedure was followed correctly, the little light will flash four times. Pick one of the aforementioned codes for your device and input it when it does. Once you enter the right code, the button light will turn off. Try another code if necessary.
  • Any of your remote control’s function keys should be pressed. If it functions, you followed the instructions correctly. Follow the procedure once more and try a different code if it doesn’t work.

We have the remote codes below that will work to configure and control your Haier TV if you recently purchased a universal remote and would want the remote codes to work for your Haier TV. If the initial code is inoperable, try the numbers farther down the list until you find one that works with your Haier television.

How to Verify If a Haier Remote is a Universal Remote?

Universal remote controls are included with some Haier TVs. indicating that devices other than a Haier TV can be powered by the remote. If your Haier remote offers the “Set” and “Mode” choices, it is likely a universal remote. It is a universal remote if it does. So, hence we have seen the procedure to check the haier universal remote codes and the Haier Remote is a Universal Remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why won’t my universal remote control work with my TV?

Take out the two batteries and replace them. Reinstall the remote’s back cover by clicking it into place. After doing this, if the remote still doesn’t respond as it should, change the outdated batteries.

2. How can we reset in a number of ways for Universal remote?

Ans: After being unplugged from the device, the remote battery needs to be fully drained by pressing a button. Battery replacement should cause the LED to blink twice. Press the numbers 2 and 8 simultaneously within the next six seconds.

3. What is the reason, if my Haier TV remote is not working?

If the remote control behaves strangely, shakes, or is unable to operate the TV, change the batteries.

4. What occurs if your remote malfunctions?

If the issue seems to be caused by an external element, such as a network service, data broadcast, or linked device, you might need to restart the computer.

5. Where are the settings on a Haier TV?

Use the navigation ring in the middle of the remote to navigate the menu, then pick an item by pushing the “OK” button in the center of the ring.

6. Can Bluetooth be used with the Haier TV?

Connect your Android smartphone and Haier Easy Connect LED TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enjoy all of your mobile material, including videos, photographs, games, and surfing, on a larger screen.

7. If your Haier television lacks an aspect ratio setting, How can you alter it?

The SCREEN or ASPECT buttons on remote controls let you rapidly choose the required mode. When viewing a 4:3 original image, there are gray bars on both the left and right sides.

8. How to connect Bluetooth Haier TV?

Enjoy all of your mobile stuff, including films, photographs, games, and browsing, on the big screen by connecting your Android smartphone and Haier Easy Connect LED TV over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

9. What should you do if your television has a dark screen?

A short in the HDMI cable or another HDMI cable flaw could be to blame for black screens. If necessary, swap it out. Give the TV five minutes of standby time.

Wrapping up.

To summarize, from the above given article we have seen all the primitive things about the haier universal remote codes. In addition to this, we have seen a complete procedure for setting up the Haier TV remote universal codes.  Hope this article helps you for setting up the remote universal codes. 
















Remote codes

How to program the pifco universal remote tv codes?

PIFCO has been a leader in electronics for over a century, from the first oil-filled heaters through advances in lighting fixtures and indigenous machines. Today, PIFCO is a well-known name, relying on the assistance of tens of thousands to provide cleaning, heating, and lighting solutions for the country. PIFCO universal TV remote control is a must have for all the television lovers. The television is one of the most used electronic devices in our daily life. To operate our television, we need to use a pifco universal remote tv codes. 

The work of this remote is to send Power, Menu, Number and Volume commands to our screen. There are many different types of remotes available in the market but among all PIFCO is one of the best which helps people to replace their faulty remote with a new one. This helps them to avoid the cost which they would have incurred if they had taken their old remotes for servicing.

pifco universal remote tv codes

PIFCO Universal Remote Codes:

PIFCO Universal Remote Codes List:



To understand the programming process better, you must first understand how your universal remote connects with the tool it is programming. There are basically two kinds of connections to consider here: infra-red and radio. The most common type of universal remote today is infrared or infra-red. In these cases you need to simply point your universal remote at the device you wish to program it.

And press the buttons on your original remote control that you would like that button on your new universal remote control to do. If you are trying to reprogram a multi-device remote then all you have to do is push the specific device button for the device program.

PIFCO Remote Setup:

A PIFCO universal remote is convenient and easy to use. It has a helpful code seek function, so it’s miles extremely simple to program remotely for PIFCO. On the pifco universal remote tv codes, it’s far consequently simple to look for a code. That you could software your gadgets with and then discover anything that works. Furthermore, you might quickly try to set up far off for PIFCO by using a wide range of PIFCO well-known far off codes.

Here are the steps on how to remote setup for TV:

Step 1: Turn on your television by using the pifco universal remote tv codesl. You should now see your television’s brand logo and welcome screen.

Step 2: Press the set-up or menu button on your unit’s remote control repeatedly. Until you have no more options to scroll through. This may be anywhere between 2 and 8 times, depending on your specific device. This will put you in a code entry mode where you can manually enter a set of codes that will get you into the programming section of your device’s settings.

Step 3: Once you are in the programming section, scroll through the different options. With the arrow buttons on your unit’s remote control. If you don’t see the option you want to change, keep scrolling until you find it.

Step 4: When you find the option that you want to change, enter a new input using either your original remote’s buttons. Or your universal remote’s buttons. This will usually by pushing and holding a button from your original remote for at least two seconds. Once this is done, press one of the arrow buttons to move on to the next code entry field. Do this until all of your changes are made and then press ok if it is available.

To power off your TV completely, press and hold the VOL+ button on your remote control for a minimum of two seconds. This should turn off your TV, and if you were going to use the remote to program it, will cause it to go into standby mode.

Final Verdict:

A PIFCO universal remote is convenient and easy to use. It has a helpful pifco universal remote tv codes function, so it’s miles extremely simple to program remotely for PIFCO. In order to have a PIFCO universal remote function properly you should first check the batteries in the unit. If this does not work make sure that the receiver that is being used. It is actually sending out infra-red waves and not radio waves. This can be seen by pointing at the receiver with your index finger. While you press any button on your universal remote.