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How to program insignia TV remote codes?

You must set up the remote to work with your TV in order to utilize the Insignia Remote Code. This post will go over what Insignia TV remote codes are, why we need them, and how to program an Insignia TV with a universal remote in simple, easy-to-follow stages. Insignia Smart TV includes a remote control or the Insignia universal remote, just like other newer televisions. Here we can see the insignia TV remote codes. The Insignia TV Universal Remote Codes require, if you want to program your Insignia TV using a remote control from a different manufacturer.

You must set up the remote control to work with your TV in order to use the Remote Codes. For this Insignia TV, there are various Universal Remote Code kinds available, including three, four, and five-digit codes. Three-digit codes are typically the most popular. Three-digit codes have a zero appended before them because most Insignia TVs may not recognize only the three numbers.

Insignia TV universal remote codes

65-Inch Class LED Remote Model Number NS-65D260A13 Codes

  • RCA RCU807-Code:135
  • Comcast M1057-Codes: 12002,1326, 0463, 10463
  • Dish Network VIP622-Code:720
  • Charter DIGITAL-Codes:136, 0463
  • Cablevision UR2-CBL-C04-Code :096
  • Phillips PMDVR8-Code:115
  • One for All URC-6690-Code:0464
  • DirecTV RC23-Code:10463

50-Inch Class LED- Remote Model Number NS-50E440NA14 Codes

  • Rogers DCT3250-Codes: 0463, 1326
  • Phillips PH5DSS- Code: 115
  • Comcast M1057-Codes: 12002,1326, 0463, 10463
  • Dish Network VIP508-Code: 720
  • Shaw DCT3416-Codes: 0463, 1326
  • TiVo HD-Code: 0091
  • Sony RM-VL600-Code: 8043
  • Cablevision UR2-CBL-C04-Code :096

Insignia 32-Inch LED DVD-TV Combo Remote NS-32DD200NA14 Codes

  • Cox COX-Codes: 16, 0463
  • Motorola DRC800-Code: 0463

Insignia 3 Digits Universal Remote Codes

 149, 167, 777, 169, 809, 181, 829, 456, 553, 585, 773, 569,543, 550, 766, 720, 539, 538, 834, 533, 751, 698, 727, 656, 726, 742, 527, 537, 701,903, 618, 846, 671, 220, 143, 666, 589, 898, 908, 050, 069, 075, 080, 149, 167, 777, 169, 809, 181, 829, 456.

Insignia 4 Digits Universal Remote Codes

8043, 8042, 1250,0783, 0091, 0093, 8024, 0464, 1944, 0150, 0178, 0463

Insignia 5 Digits Universal Remote Codes

11564, 11326, 11892, 12049, 11780, 14487, 11641, 12751, 13227, 11463, 11423, 11385, 11660, 11963, 12002, 12184.

Program Insignia Universal Remote with Auto Search

The remote control’s universal codes are all scanned using the auto search approach. Insignia Universal Remote programming is a systematic, step-by-step process. insignia TV remote codes programming needs to be done with caution. Here are the actions:

  • The TV that you want to use and the universal remote to control should be turned on.
  • Tap the device (TV) button on the remote control to turn it on. The gadget is ready to program, as evidenced by the LED light.
  • Click on the CH+ and CH- channel switches while pointing the remote towards the device. On/off indications are displaying on the remote. Until the gadget shuts off, press up/down.
  • By hitting the “Power” button, you may verify the code. It will start up. To see if the remote is configured correctly or not, try switching channels.
  • To save the code, select Device. The stored code will be verified by a double blink from the LED light.

Program Insignia Universal Remote with Manual Method

The steps for manually programming an Insignia universal remote insignia TV remote codes are listed below.

  • The TV you want the universal remote to control should be turned on.
  • Tap “TV” on your remote control.
  • The Universal Remote’s “Setup button” should now be pressed and held down until the LED light appears. It demonstrates that the machine is prepared to program.
  • Enter the code that you got from the program’s instructions manual to finish.
  • Press and hold the Power button after aiming your remote at the TV.
  • When the screen turns off, let go of the Power button.
  • Just that. Now, the universal remote control will function flawlessly with your TV.

With this Insignia three-device universal remote, you can manage your home theater system more easily. It eliminates the need for several remote controls by enabling you to control a TV, set-top box, Blu-ray or DVD player, as well as a soundbar or any other audio component. The list of AV component brands and product codes on this insignia TV remote codes three-device universal remote control makes programming it simple.

  1. Compatible with the majority of TV, Blu-ray, DVD, cable, and satellite box brands. comes with a database containing thousands of preprogrammed codes.
  2. A sizable code library Additionally, the remote works with fewer popular brands and gadgets. Premium construction, materials, and design: withstanding rough usage.

There are universal remotes and non-universal remotes included with Insignia TVs. If the remotes are universal, you can use them to operate devices other than Insignia TV. Look for the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ choices to determine whether a certain Insignia remote is a universal remote or not. It is a universal remote if it does; if not, it is not.

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