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How to use the amazon fire stick ir codes with remote control?

The Amazon Fire Stick is the most popular product on the internet since it allows access to all of today’s OTT platforms. It’s simple to use and set up, and the remote may also be used as a universal remote. It has a voice search function and an optional gaming controller called Amazon Fire Game Controller. If you want to make the best of your Fire TV, you should use the Amazon Fire TV Remote App that allows you to search for movies, shows, and games directly from your smartphone or tablet.

amazon fire stick ir codes

What is an amazon fire stick ir codes?

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. The app supports both iPhones and iPads, as well as all sorts of Samsung and HTC phones. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How to use an amazon fire stick ir codes to control your TV?

Assuming that you already have an Amazon Fire Stick device, you will find your new remote quite easy to use. If you lost your remote or simply want a spare just in case, the new one comes with instructions that are very easy to understand. All you need it to have a working Wi-Fi connection on both your PC/tablet and your set-top box.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app will guide you through the process of downloading and pairing your amazon fire stick ir codes with a specific device so that you can use it to control your TV.

If a problem arises, the app will communicate directly with your remote. You’ll see a message telling you that you have acquired new codes and requesting permission to do so. Tap on “allow” to accept the code transfer request, or tap “ignore” if you do not want it to happen.

When the code transfer is complete, tap on “switch” and then tap on your new code once again. Once everything is set up, feel free to use this remote as your primary control system.

The amazon fire stick ir codes process is similarly easy with the Fire TV Remote App. There are some subtle differences so make sure you check the instructions that come with it. You’ll be able to adjust the volume, set up voice search, and access all of your downloaded entertainment directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Amazon Fire TV Remote Codes

Haier– 00639
Hisense– 00551
Insignia– 00545
JVC– 29247
LG– 00516, 00683
Panasonic– 47149
Philips– 63428
Samsung– 00521
Sanyo– 00279
Sharp– 43500
Sony– 14917
TCL– 00629, 00492
Toshiba– 52389
Vizio– 00344

Steps to be follow amazon fire stick ir codes:

Connect the Fire Stick to your TV and plug the power source into a wall socket. The Fire Stick automatically moves to the Settings screen so that you can access its home screen. Download the Amazon Fire TV Remote App from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store on your smartphone or tablet, if you don’t have it already. Open your app, register with a new device (it’s free), and then open the Amazon Fire TV Remote App. If you have an Apple device, connect to a Wi-Fi network known to have Amazon’s servers in it. Otherwise, connect your device to an existing network that has Amazon’s servers in them at all times.

Try to access the Fire TV Home screen for the first time (it’s called this because you can’t access any content without any apps), and register your device with a device name. In order to do this, the Amazon Fire Stick must be on the same network as your device, which is why you need to go through step 3 if you have an Apple device. This step will also allow you to link your device with any of your other Amazon devices that are linked in the Amazon Cloud. Open your app again, select Settings, and then press Home. Select Scan Device for Code Searching option, and press OK when it appears on screen.

Final Verdict:

It is not easy to use the amazon fire stick ir codes and remote control. But if you follow all the steps in this article, you will be able to find it yourself easily. Hope this article can be helpful for you. And don’t forget to share with your friends and family who are looking for an Amazon Fire Stick IR Codes guide.

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