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How to program Sanyo universal remote codes?

You need to know the codes that link a universal remote, whether it be a Sanyo or another brand, to every other piece of gear in the room before you can program it. It’s crucial to have the codes for both those hardware components that correspond particularly to the Sanyo universal remote codes if, for instance, you plan to control the TV and DVD player with the universal remote. Obtaining those codes is the first step in programming the remote.

To achieve this, you must locate the DVD player and TV’s model and manufacturer numbers. Obtain the details for the sound system installation as well, if you were doing both.  So that you have them for reference, write things down on paper. Search for each item in the user manual that was included with the universal remote. As an illustration, the TV will be included under TVs along with its model number and manufacturer. An identification code will be placed next to this data.

More information about Sanyo universal remote codes

Although the length varies, note this. The remote will link the device to the remote control using this code. On the remote control, press the setup button in the upper left corner. The top light will begin to flash. The TV button is located at the upper right.  The remote will link the device to the remote control using this code. On the Sanyo universal remote codes, press the setup button in the upper left corner. The top light will begin to flash. The TV button is located at the upper right. Hold that down, then enter the code you discovered while keeping it depressed.

For each additional codes of universal remote codes in the process, repeat the procedures. Hold the button down while you enter the code from the user manual. Once you have entered each code, check to see if it functions. Try switching the TV’s channels to do this. Try turning on the DVD player. You will need to refer back to the user handbook to locate a new code if it doesn’t work because you might have typed in the wrong one. Universal remote controls are useful since everyone loses their remote controls.

Sanyo TV Universal Remote Codes and Programming

  1. 3 digits codes: 013, 004, 049, 110, 180, 209, 108
  2. 4 digits codes: 0050, 0049, 0101, 0065, 0012, 0180

Here comes the process for Sanyo universal remote codes

To make up for the lost convenience, these gadgets may be set up to operate with practically any TV, DVD player, cable box, or other home theater. They are especially useful if you buy a CRT. One of the least expensive and most user-friendly options for a universal remote is the Sanyo universal remote codes. It only takes a few minutes and requires no technological knowledge to program a universal remote, so don’t be alarmed by the idea.

  • Turn on your preferred show on your vintage Sanyo television.
  • Face your TV or other device while holding your universal TV remote.
  • Locate the ‘TV’ option on your standard remote. Continue pressing the “Setup” button. The remote will switch to learning mode.
  • Utilize the code mentioned above to get the codes compatible with your device brand. The little light will blink four times if you have the method down.
  • When it does, select one of the above-mentioned codes and enter it into your system. The moment you enter the correct code, the button light will turn off.
  • If not, try each additional code. Any of the feature keys on your remote control should be pressed.
  • If it works, you probably followed the instructions correctly. Repeat the process if it doesn’t work and try a different code.

There are some well-known TV remotes that come with various vintage Sanyo TVs.

  • You need to program the remote to work with your TV in order to utilize the remote codes below.
  • Find here a small print for any remote software you need to use with your TV. Press the code search key on your accepted remote control until it turns on.
  • Push the TV key to start. The indicator mild then turns off when you enter the three-digit code.
  • When you enter the wrong code, the light will flash quickly. To turn on or off your television, point the far-flung in that direction.


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