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Overview of Samsung blue ray universal remote codes

This article offers the codes you need if you have a Samsung BLU-RAY and need to set the gamer using the remote control. Please try another code when one of the suggested codes doesn’t work. Among the less well-known BLU-RAY brand names provided, Samsung is the best one. Usually, a Samsung BLU-RAY comes with a remote. If for any reason you are unable to operate your Blu-ray using the remote, you can use a universal remote to set up the device. So, here we can see the Samsung blue ray universal remote codes here.

Samsung blue ray universal codes

Although you can use the code, you must comprehend how to set up your universal remote control to work with your Samsung Blu-ray player. The steps for installing a Samsung Blu-ray player with a universal push-button remote are listed below. In this discussion, we are going to see 5 Digit Samsung blue ray universal remote codes and 4 Digit Samsung Blu-ray Remote codes.

Here are the 5 Digit Samsung Blu-ray Remote Control Codes

  • 10060
  • 10812
  • 11903
  • 11060
  • 20240
  • 22329
  • 31868
  • 22489
  • 21075
  • 21044
  • 10650
  • 22556
  • 20045
  • 21044
  • 10650
  • 22556
  • 20045
  • 01982
  • 20744
  • 31304
  • 12051

Next, we can see the 4 Digit Samsung Blu-ray Remote codes

  • 1019
  • 1171
  • 0060
  • 1172
  • 1173
  • 1174
  • 1175
  • 1352
  • 1354
  • 1443
  • 0060
  • 0030
  • 0178
  • 0056
  • 0056
  • 0702
  • 1199
  • 1171
  • 0060
  • 0030
  • 0178

Samsung Blu-ray player universal remote codes

Here are the two methods given for the Samsung blu-ray player universal remote codes programming the remote, so let us see a detailed description of the first technique.

By using the direct code entrance method:

Step 1: Forest finds out the remote code from the above-given Samsung blue ray universal remote codes list.

Step 2: By hand activate the device you prefer to control or manage.

Step 3: Now press and hold the SETUP button for a while, until the red indicator light stays on. And then release the SETUP button to launch.

Step 4: Again press and hold the desired tool button on the remote DVD/BLU-RAY. When they stay on, the red sign will blink.

Step 5: Formerly discover the code given above and enter the very first 4-digit or 5-digit code. If the entered code is not a valid code, the red light will indicate that you entered the wrong code and remain until you enter the appropriate code.

Step 6: Press the POWER button, if the tool switches off, no additional requirements are needed for that tool. If the tool does not turn off, return to step 3 and use the appropriate code. Proceed with this process until you discover the code for your device.

By doing setup manually:

Step 1: Place the remote control so that it is towards the universal push-button control you want to swap out.

Step 2: Now tap on the Setup button or magic, and you can get the code for the manual handbook programming.

Step 3: Then press any one of the functions which you prefer to program or change, for instance, TV volume up.

Step 4: After the process is done, press and hold the corresponding key on the original remote controller. Once this process is done, the light will blink to indicated that the change is saved appropriately.

Step 5: And hence, your TV volume up button has been saved to the universal remote as well as you can utilize the quantity switch.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, from the above-given article we have gained knowledge about Samsung blue ray universal remote codes. And their techniques to save the TV remote to the Universal remote with two major methods.

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