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Philips Universal Remote Codes 2022 and steps to program

When it comes to Philips, we can expect amazing TVs, DVD players, lights, home theatres and various accessories to use. If you have a look at this brand, it is a reputed one in the world. The best thing about this company is you can expect various products at affordable cost too. Yes, you can witness that there are millions of customers available and getting benefitted with the amazing products for a long time. If you have a look at this company, they are also thinking of offering Philips universal remote. Well, it will be working out with the support of Philips universal remote codes 2022.

Philips Universal Remote Code

For information, with the support of Philips universal remote codes 2022, you can get an opportunity to access various devices of this brand. In case, if you are facing any of the codes are not working, then you can move to another codes which are available. Basically, you need to know that the codes are normally 4 digits figure.

Availability of various products

The best thing about Philips is you can expect various products at the regular interval of time. This is also one of the important reasons that why people are interested in such brand for a long time. Also, you can expect the products at affordable cost too. So, whenever you are planning to purchase the products and looking forward to use with universal remote, this discussion would be really helpful for sure.

When it comes to handling the universal remote for the products, then there are certain factors that you need to follow further. Yes, make sure to use codes to access. Let’s dive into the discussion in-depth below and you can utilize it well for sure that whenever required.

List of Philips universal remote codes 2022 for various brands

BELCOR – 0002


PILOT – 0002

SHOGUN – 0002

VIDTECH – 0002, 0102, 0502

AOC – 0002, 0102, 0502, 0003, 0217, 0119, 0320

MTC – 0002, 0102, 0502, 0112, 0512, 0003

PORTLAND – 0002, 0102, 0502, 0407, 0415, 0614

MGA – 0002, 0102, 0502, 0706, 0802, 0803, 0715, 0619

SOUNDESIGN – 0002, 0502, 0706, 0906, 0402, 0805

KAWASHO – 0002, 0502, 0801

CITIZEN – 0002, 0502, 0906, 0112, 0512, 0520, 0115, 0701, 0402, 0805, 0407

JENSEN – 0002, 0502, 0914

LG – 0002, 0606, 0502, 0102, 0324, 0435, 0802, 0307, 0609, 0217

SUPRA – 0002, 0809

SSS – 0002, 0906, 0805


Important steps to program Philips Universal Remote to TV

In order to program, there are certain things that you need to follow further. When it comes to handling this thing, you must be aware of the steps discussed below. One should keep it in mind that the steps shouldn’t miss at any cost.

  • First of all, you need to turn on your Philips TV receiver.
  • Now, make sure to hold your remote which should face your Philips TV when it comes to program.
  • After the above process is done, you need to search for the option “SETUP” which is available on your universal remote. You can witness that your remote come up with red light When it comes to program, for TV, you need to choose “TV”. On the other hand for satellite box, you should select “Sat” and “CBL” for cable.
  • However, as per above mentioned list of codes, you can choose the right ones further.
  • If the process is done properly, the light will start to blink. Now, you can go ahead to choose the codes for the device. Keep it in mind, if the code is right, the light will indicate. If it is not working, then you can go with another code.

These are the essential steps you need to follow when it comes to program your device with the support of Philips universal remote codes 2022.

How to prevent Philips Universal Remote Not Working

When you are experiencing the issue like remote is not working, then there is a chances of issues happened. So, let’s check out certain factors below which will be helpful for you to prevent from such issues in future.

Focus on correct code: If you are facing any error in terms of connection, then you are trying to use with incorrect code. Hopefully, the above mentioned codes are always going to be supportive.

Battery: This is also one of the main factors that you need to check out. If the battery is drained, then your remote will not work further. So, make sure to check out and move ahead.

Object: If any of the object obstructing your TV, then it would be difficult to access. So, you should remove the stuff from there and make a way to access your TV with the support of remote smoothly.

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