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Olevia TV remote codes and its program instructions in detail

If you are the one who is using Olevia TV for a long time and looking for remote codes in different digits, then this could be the best discussion for you. When you are looking for universal remote codes for various usage, then make sure to follow the below discussion below without any hassles. When you have a look at Olevia TV remote codes, they are coming up with 3 or 4 or 5 digits. Based on your wish and convenience, you can go ahead and make use of it.

For information, there are several platforms available across the internet, but finding unique and correct codes are always important. If you are looking for the best or working ones, then go ahead with this universal code info site. Here, the shared codes are completely working and at the same time, they are also genuine to use.

Olevia tv universal remote codes

List of Olevia TV universal remote codes

So, if you are the one who would like to get an opportunity to make your olevia TV that should be programmed with universal remote can make use of it. For more details regarding different universal codes, you can have a look at below with no hassles.

As we mentioned earlier, you can expect different digit Olevia TV remote codes which will be offering enough stuff for remote to work. In case, if any of the available codes are not working, then without making any delay, you can also go with different codes which are available to use.

3 Digit Codes Olevia TV Universal Remote

127, 432, 506

5 Digit Codes Olevia TV Universal Remote

11144, 11858, 11610, 11240, 11331, 12272

4 Digit Codes Olevia TV Universal Remote

1331, 1610, 1610, 1144, 1240, 1144, 1178

Things to follow for programming Olevia TV universal remote

Based on the remote you are going to purchase, the things will be varied for sure. At the same time, the Olevia TV remote codes you are going to use will be different as well. Also, make sure to follow the steps mentioned below without skipping it.

  1. Firstly, you need to turn ON your TV and make sure to press and hold the TV key. Now, all you need to enter the suitable codes based on your brand.
  2. If your TV is turned OFF, then keep it in mind that the proper codes which you have entered are correct.

Note: In case, if your TV is not shut, then make sure to continue the same procedure with different alternative Olevia TV remote codes until it works.

Usage of keycode

With the support of keycode, you will get an opportunity to program olevia universal remote that whenever required. In order to make it possible, all you need to follow the steps below.

  1. At first, all you need to turn ON the device.
  2. Now, make sure to tap on TV which is available on your Olevia TV universal remote.
  3. After that, you should tap and hold the setup button of your remote until the light blinks.
  4. Once the above process is over, you need to enter keycode which you got from the respective programming code.
  5. If the procedure is followed properly, then you need to navigate your remote towards the TV and tap and hold the power button.
  6. If the screen turns off, then you are ready to release the respective power button.

Universal Olevia remote code programming

In case, if you are not finding the result with keycode, then you can go ahead with programming process. To make this thing possible to happen, all you need to follow the below steps without ignoring it.

  1. At first, all you need to turn ON the device.
  2. After that, it is necessary for you to tap and hold the setup button.
  3. Now, make sure to enter 3 digit codes as per need.
  4. Once the above steps are followed properly, all you need to hold the power button which is available on your remote and make sure to press the channel up. Yes, it should follow until your TV screen turns OFF.

Follow Manual Setup

This is another method where you can follow to setup manually. Let’s have a look at the below steps without ignoring.

  1. At first, you need to place your remote facing towards universal remote that you want to replace.
  2. Now, you can tap on Magic or setup button and enter respective code for manual programming.
  3. After that, you can tap on any of the function which you want to program further.
  4. Now, you need to hold the respective key available on original remote controller.
  5. You can see that the light will start to blink which indicates the process is correct.
  6. After that, the TV volume up button will save to universal remote and you are ready to use the quantity button in general.

Finally, the above methods which are discussed will be supportive to program Olevia TV. One should keep it in mind that based on the Olevia TV remote codes, you can move ahead with no hassles.

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